Genomic Locus

Select a gene or paste a genomic coordinate in chr:start-end format






Input BEDPE file (GRCh37 - hg19)

Download example dataset

Input must contain at least 6 columns corresponding to:

  1. chrom1
  2. start1
  3. end1
  4. chrom2
  5. start2
  6. end2

Additional columns may include:

  1. svclass
  2. sample_id/patient_id

About SVscape

SVscape is a Shiny app that serves as an interactive explorer of Stractural Variants (SVs) in cancer.

The current dataset holds 308.031 SVs from 2.658 cancer patients across 36 histological tumor types, and is part of the PCAWG study by the International Cancer Genome Consortium. (ICGC)

SVscape was created by Nikos Sidiropoulos at BRIC/Finsenlab, University of Copenhagen. If you use SVscape in your research, please cite:

  • Structural Variations in Cancer and the 3D Genome. Dubois, Sidiropoulos, Weischenfeldt & Beroukhim, Nature Cancer, In Review

For questions, bug reports, and feature requests, please use the issue tracker of the BitBucket repository